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  • Environmental impact

    In 2021, Helpsy collected 100 items of clothing every minute! Together, our efforts kept 29 million pounds of clothes, shoes, and other textiles from the waste stream. What does that mean? That’s 560 million pounds of CO2 removed from our atmosphere and 14 billion gallons of water saved. Let’s keep it up together!

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  • Community impact

    Helpsy is the only certified B Corp in clothing collection. We’ve paid over $400,00 to local charities and municipalities in 2021 alone. We are the only group that rolls our sleeves up and partners with your local towns to recycle and upcycle clothes. We believe in the power of people. We pay our employees fair wages and every employee has stock options.

  • Economic impact

    Helpsy has over 250 full time employees, all of whom earn an honorable, living wage. In fact, we pride ourselves in paying the best wages in the industry. 50% of our leadership team is female and 50% of our team is either an immigrant or from a minority group. Our business of protecting the planet is doing double duty supporting our local economies. In 2021, we saved local townships over $1.2 million in waste disposal fees. We are committed to elevating our people, protecting our planet and helping local townships improve processes and save money.

Why Helpsy?

Helpsy is the ONLY vertically integrated, B Corp certified collections company working around the clock to change the way we think about, dispose of, recycle and buy secondhand clothing for the benefit of our planet.  

We believe that together, we can change the world.

What does this mean? It means that we don’t just sell pre-loved clothes.  We aren’t in it to make a buck.  We are using the power of business to do good and are intricately involved in all phases of the clothing lifecycle.  No one else can say the same. Learn more about the multitude of ways Helpsy positively impacts our planet:   

  • Collect.

    Our fully dedicated, user-friendly business is focused on collecting clothes. We work with partners large and small, public and private, to manage clothing collection containers, excess retail inventories, home pickups, textile drives, and more. All with one mission: to shift the perceptions around used clothes and make a positive impact.

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  • Shop.

    We launched helpsy.com to radically change the way we buy clothes in an effort to save our planet. We believe that everyone should buy secondhand. It just makes sense. Our site is designed to break down the barriers to buying secondhand clothing and build your trust, change your mindset and make it easy to buy high-quality, amazing pre-loved clothing.

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  • Source.

    We are proud to have launched our kōsei threads™ business (soon to be called Helpsy Source!) in support of our mission. Helpsy Source offers wholesale inventory and brand sourcing services to large and small resellers, making it easy for small business owners to sell second-hand clothing and build a sustainable business model. We work together to reduce waste and make our planet a better place.

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To see more of our role in the community, follow us on instagram @helpsy

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  • Helpsy is proud to be a

    Certified B Corporation

    That means you don't have to worry that we mean what we say when we talk about our environmental, social, and economic mission, because we do. As a B Corp, we are held to the highest standards of corporate governance and social responsibility and regularly vetted to make sure that we are using our business as a force for good.
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A word from our founder

"While there is still a lot of work to be done, there has been a shift in the perception of used clothing. In 2020 we saw a 27% increase in the sale of used clothing, coupled with a decrease in fast fashion manufacturing. Americans are trending toward more sustainable clothing and the planet will be grateful."

- Alex Husted, Co-Founder of Helpsy

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