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Frequently Asked Questions

Our overarching mission at Helpsy centers on protecting our planet from increased carbon emissions.  We strive to keep our processes as environmentally friendly as possible across everything we do. We do not accept returns on purchases, but will most certainly fix an issue for you if we mess up! (We are human, afterall :)) Please reach out to our Customer Service team with any questions or concerns about your order.

If you feel that the item you received from Helpsy is not in line with the item description on our website, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance within 10 days of delivery. If our customer service team is not notified within this timeframe, we will unfortunately no longer be able to provide assistance.

You can expect your items to ship within 3-5 business days from your purchase date. Please take note that we do not operate on major holidays or weekends. Inclimate weather may affect shipping times.

It’s always our hope that your item arrives with the perfect fit. While we guarantee the condition and quality of our garments, we cannot guarantee the fit due to a wide range of size variations across products. Please do not rely solely on the tag size without reviewing the posted measurements. Specific measurements, along with a measurement guide, can be found on most product pages.

Yes.  You are able to cancel your order within 1 hour of order confirmation. Once your order starts its journey to you, we can no longer cancel an order.

Earning the Certified B Corp certification means Helpsy has met the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We are proud to offer honorable wages to all of our employees and offer sustainable and affordable clothing that results in a positive impact on our planet. To learn more about Helpsy’s impact, read more here

To learn more about what it takes to become a B Corp, click here.

We do multiple inspections of the articles we sell to ensure quality and condition. We do not do additional cleaning prior to sending out products. Although most of our inventory is like-new, we recommend washing your clothing according to the recommended fabric guidelines prior to wearing.

We proudly collect clothing far and wide from organizations, schools and clothing drives, among other sources.

For more information on participating in our collection programs, please reach out to our team by emailing collections@Helpsy.co.

Yes! Gift cards are available for purchase.

Gift cards can be issued for any value and do not expire.

Your first order always has free shipping, and we offer free shipping on orders over $75. We will be launching a rewards program soon! Sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date on sales and promotions.

Yes, of course! Please reach out to our support team and they will be happy to help with any questions!

Other Topics & Questions

Helpsy is proud to have launched kōsei threads™, our wholesale business for resellers and e-commerce in 2022. This branch of our company is focused on supplying quality, affordable wholesale inventory to those selling on Poshmark, eBay, etc., or to thrift stores and brick & mortar small resale shops.

It’s been widely documented that the fashion industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. In buying second hand from Helpsy, you are directly minimizing the industry’s negative impact on the planet by not only extending the life of clothing, but also reducing the consumption of new products. In 2021, Helpsy kept 29 million pounds of clothes, shoes, and other items from the waste stream. 

We pay for all clothing collections when we work with charities, cities, organizations, schools, churches, and other partners, and always ensure we are giving back to the community. We are a for profit company that is proudly using business for good. We strive to be as transparent as possible and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact our customer service with any questions you may have.

There is a cost involved in clothing collection, sorting, storing and ultimately distributing.  This is the case with all recycling efforts including plastic, paper and metals.  Currently, municipalities need to carry the costs and our partnerships and logistical support with these towns help lower the cost of waste removal and help to subsidize other waste diversion efforts. 

As a Certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation, Helpsy is required to balance profit and purpose. Here are the facts: the only way recycling at necessary scale will happen is by for-profit recycling and reverse logistics companies. They afford the hefty cost of collection directly through the value of the goods collected. Any type of recycling is a commodity-based and market-driven business. Just as in the traditional recycling industry (plastic/glass/paper), the value of the goods collected lies in the value of the most sellable materials. As businesses we might be able to handle damaged or defective clothing items but can only afford to do so based on value of the best, most reusable & recyclable items we receive.

Helpsy also continues to financially support hundreds of organizations in the communities we serve. In 2021, we paid more than $400,000 to charities and municipalities for bin placements, clothing drives, purchased materials, and added more than 150 full-time employees with fair wages. Our partnerships with municipalities and towns also help lower the cost of waste removal and therefore subsidize other waste diversion efforts furthering our efforts to help support the planet.

When you give clothes to Helpsy, you are ensuring your clothing is given a second life and that it doesn’t wind up in the trash which is the unfortunate destination for 85% of clothing.

If you prefer to give your clothing to a local thrift store or charity, we would love to talk to them! We support the efforts of hundreds of charities and thrift stores across the country and would love to lend a hand to your favorite organization.

Contact us to see what we can do to help. Reuse and recycling is tough business and we are all in this together to help the planet.

We carry men’s & women's clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The EPA estimates that the average US citizen discards over 100 pounds of clothing per year and that 85% of it ends up in landfills. At Helpsy, our mission is to keep clothes out of landfills and we will partner with municipalities, thrift stores, local charities, churches, schools, etc. to bring our full range of textile recycling services to residents, saving them the tipping fees and providing a new stream of revenue.

Helpy’s full range of textile recycling services includes:

> Curbside textile recycling in select cities

> Strategically placed textile drop-off bin locations

> Municipal clothing drive events surround existing efforts such as household hazardous waste collections and Earth Day

> Purchasing materials from thrift stores and charities that are unable to process or sell them. 

Yes! In 2021, we paid more than $400,000 to charities and municipalities for bin placements, clothing drives, and purchased materials. If you are in the Northeast and interested in hosting a clothing drive, please reach out to our team.

Yes, check out our partnership options on Helpsy.co. Companies can host a bin, brands can work with us, individuals can host a clothing drive, and we are open to new ideas if you have them!  

You can refer to our home pick up FAQs here.

Helpsy is a Certified B Corp, which means we have met the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We turn waste into honorable wages for all of our workers and offer sustainable and affordable clothing. We are not only looking at the second-hand market when evaluating clothing and then throwing the rest away, we are ensuring the clothing finds a suitable second life.

We are a fully vertically integrated collection company with  various options to sort and place the items. We are also one of the largest collection companies, which means a wide variety of options for our customers. 

 Reducing waste by keeping clothing out of the trash is the focus of our entire business. As a business with environmental concerns at its core, Helpsy is constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact while improving our products and services. If you have suggestions for how we can continue to improve our environmental impact, please reach out as we are always trying to do better.  

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