We do not accept returns. We take our environmental impact into account with virtually every business transaction we execute. The shipping industry, now more than ever, is a cause for concern with high levels of pollution and packaging waste. Returning an item to us creates more delivery miles and carbon emissions, and we don’t want that! As a Certified B Corp, we want to do our part to lessen the environmental impact of purchasing goods online and encourage you to resell or give away your unwanted clothing.

However, we are human, and may make an error with your order. If we mess up, we will fix it!

Our mess-ups include sending out the wrong item to you and/or sending out a garment with undisclosed damage.

If you receive your order and feel it falls into one of those scenarios, please reach out to customer service support@helpsy.com within 10 days of the receipt of your item.

Please note that returns and/or refunds are approved on a case-by-case basis.